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Beer Missive #1

August 13, 2011

Last Friday, our Muncie friends inaugurated the first smoke-free episode, of a long-standing beer group at the Fickle Peach after a city wide ban went into action. I had written letters, spoken to the city council, ranted on a soapbox at Ball State, and to anyone who would listen, on behalf of the ban.

We decided to celebrate, and initiate our own beer group (just the two of us so far). Our realtor/home-brewer referred us to the Chestnut. Housed in an unlikely part of town, nothing else much around, in a clean brick building, the brewery is, happily, smoke free.

The brewery boasts two types of beers, the Revolution Series, which they describe as their contribution to the “renaissance of craft beer,” and the Reverence Series, “classically-crafted…European beer styles.” A chalkboard rates all draught beers by intensity of hops, alcohol content, body, and session, likelihood of subsequent rounds.

In a reversal Thomas gulped down a beer from their Revolution Series, the Winged Nut brewed from milled chestnuts. I imbibed from the Reverent Series, their Kinsale, a delightful black beer that was more on the sweet side than on the bitter. We munched on locally baked pretzel rolls, piping hot, served with Bavarian mustard and butter. Brats, cheese samplers, and Billy Goat Potato Chips, and such, are also available, even a veggie platter. A successful scout for our first beer night, we will officially inaugurate this Friday.

Hope to see you. Unless you come, it will just be us, which is pretty good when paired with some Hop Switch and Zwickel.


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